Stop Following Me, Moon!

What happens when a hungry grizzly with a slightly guilty conscience makes the fantastic childhood discovery
that the moon is following him? Stop Following Me, Moon! is the endearing, giggle-out-loud story of
one small bear, one large moon, friendship, picnics and a valuable lesson in sharing.

"When the moon seems to follow you, it can be a perfect introduction to the wonders of the universe.
Or it can be, as in this larky book from Farrell (“Thank You, Octopus”), a great opportunity to goof
on someone’s naïveté. After a midnight thieving spree, a bear sees the moon trailing him. Is it on to his crimes?
He rants crankily. He issues threats, to no avail. Then the moon ducks behind a cloud, and he’s terrified.
He welcomes it back with a wittily drawn moonlit feast for everyone he’s ripped off.

Maria Russo, New York Times


"The profound silliness continues in Darren Farrell’s new book, “Stop Following Me, Moon!” This time
the absurdity is pegged to the idea behind a popular children’s question, Why is the moon following me?"

"It’s a glorious end to a fable-like story without a heavy-handed lesson. Sure there’s a moon that
stands in for a guilty conscience and a gentle reminder about the joys of sharing. But Farrell’s
warm, modern illustrations, absurd chase scenes and mischievous characters,
guarantee rowdy fun every time you turn the pages."

Nicole Lamy, Boston Globe


"[O]ur hero is all bear as he cavorts through a wilderness populated by hip forest creatures and sweetly
stodgy humans, swiping honey from bees, berries from bushes and chip bags from campgrounds. “Jackpot!”
our snack happy hero declares when he lands a tasty treat from a beehive. “Come to Papa!” he tells a fish
as he pulls it right off a fisherman’s pole. This deliriously loopy tale resolves with a fine feast, but not before
Bear learns a charming, if not entirely unexpected, lesson in moon appreciation.
Great fun from start to finish.

—  Nara Schoenberg, Chicago Tribune


“Generosity wins out over greed in this goofy moonlit morality tale.”

Meghan Cox Gurdon Wall Street Journal


"Farrell uses the pencil and digital art to create a hilarious and original wild world, a cross between the
round yet airy toy-ness of Tao Nyeu (Bunny Days, BCCB 2/10) and the detailed landscapes of Mitsumasa Anno,
which is slightly tamed by the cool teal and brown palette but remains divertingly, quietly weird. It’s well worth
poring over the illustrations
to find amusing details (Bigfoot hanging out amid the trees several spreads before
Bear outs him; the foxes collecting a boom box and having a dance party), even if some – the recurring motif
of animals possessing one huge and one small eye, for instance – remain unexplained. Whether as an
offbeat bedtime story or simply an entertaining tale about a goofy bear,
there’s great imagination-seizing potential here."

— Deborah Stevenson, BCCB Starred Review


Farrell’s conservative use of color in his pencil-and-digital artwork allows Bear’s brown fur and comical actions
to pop in each scene. Each page deserves careful study so as not to miss the wacky reactions from animals and
humans alike; as the only text is Bear’s increasingly paranoid exclamations, there is much to interpret.
Young readers who grasp the concept that the moon does not actually follow them will be entertained
by Bear’s antics. Not only will Bear make readers laugh out loud, but he illustrates how sharing
can build a community. Bear’s hilarious adventure begs for multiple readings.



Full of quirky details that reward close study, Farrell’s story has personality to spare, culminating
in a midnight dance party—his break-dancing foxes are particularly delightful.

Publishers Weekly


"Stylized illustrations offer amusing details of their own—Bear is clearly not the only animal
with sticky paws—and the minimal text helps keep readers’ focus on the story’s action. Farrell
 builds the situational comedy well, ensuring laughs at Bear’s over-the-top responses to the moon."

Julia Smith, Booklist


“The great expressions and action sequences are perfect. And while Bear is the star of the show,
eagle-eyed readers will see some hilarious background scenes… An amusing read
about taking and giving back that is sure to give kids the giggles.”

Scary Mommy Blog