Thank You, Octopus

Thank You, Octopus was a 2014 NPR Best Book of the Year, a Huffington Post honorable mention for Funniest Picture Book of the Year and has inspired countless, uncontrollable giggle attacks, both at home – "I don't know if I've ever heard my son giggle as much as he did over this picture book by Darren Farrell" (Barnes & Noble blog); "Toby laughed out loud at this book, more than any other we've read" (A Cup of Jo) – and at my many school visits. Also, the New York Times claims that parents might forgo an evening out in order to stay home and read it with their child.

"A wonderfully wacky tale… [a] modern-day toddler classic, and it's funny enough
for adults to enjoy rereading again and again. The illustrations are insanely detailed and
I especially appreciated the New York Harbor setting. (For ages 3 to 5)." – recommended
by Anya Kamenetz, blogger, NPR Ed – NPR Best Books of 2014.

"Farrell’s playful illustrations, done in pencil and colored in a warm pastel palette, are appealing
and hip. A terrific read-aloud; each repeat visit will ensure gleeful participation, as readers
practice both tone and volume. A maritime—and bedtime—delight." Kirkus Starred Review

"On a tugboat in New York Harbor, a boy lives with Octopus, his eight-tentacled au pair. 
On Octopus’s watch, bedtime doesn’t go quite as expected. A bath in egg salad? Tooth-brushing
with paint? “Yuck! No thank you, Octopus!” says the boy, who is always polite. Farrell has a
sophisticated urban style that should appeal to any children who wish they had as silly a sitter.
Parents might decide to stay home after all to read aloud." The New York Times

"Prepare for escalating giggles as a well-meaning octopus takes on bedtime routines
with hilarious ineptness. Each page-turn extends the jokes, and the simple recurring refrain
adds opportunities for kids to join in. Familiar bedtime tasks, such as brushing teeth and reading
stories, all receive silly twists that are perfectly tuned to a young child’s delight in the absurd.
Exuberant fun that will quickly become a bedtime favorite." — Lynn Rutan, Booklist

"Toby laughed out loud at this book, more than any other we've read. 
I'd highly recommend it." A Cup of Jo

"… kids will be delighted by the idea that it's the caretaker who's the troublemaker and the
child who remembers his manners. Farrell crams the pictures with small visual gags (like the
many empty mayo jars in the bathroom), while the boy's idyllic tugboat childhood provides
a marvelous backdrop to the proudly silly action." Publishers Weekly

"… perfect for early-elementary sensibilities. Colorful double-page spreads are filled with details
that extend the text and support repeated readings." Laura Scott, School Library Journal

"This hilarious nautical comedy of errors will lure in unsuspecting listeners—right
up to the boy’s neat turnabout at the end." Kitty Flynn, The Horn Book