Thanks Books Exhibit

In Korea, the month of May features Children's Day, Parent's Day, Teacher's Day and
Buddha's Birthday. It is a spectacular month of lantern-lit parades, big celebrations and
much thanksgiving. So THANKS BOOKS and I decided to dedicate the entire month to the
spirit of giving THANKS, and specifically to thanking the people who make our lives so lovely.

A BiG Thanks to Sunyoung from Penguin Korea and the artist Soongu for setting up
the THANKS MONTH show with me at THANKS BOOKS this Friday! Sungoo surprised
me with a carved wooden Thank You, Octopus duo for the table and made a few teeny
Thank You, Octopus pop-up cards to place around. So cool! We set out the buttons,
stickers, books and greeting cards – then assembled the huge wall stickers.

The final step was velcro-ing a bunch of markers to the wall so people can graffiti their
gratitude in the Thank You, Octopus speech bubble. I thanked my mom. Jonah drew
two monsters and even signed his name to the artwork. Caroline thanked Dwight
School Seoul and Cup of Jo.