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Letter Town

Follow Bus Driver B through jam-packed pages full of letters at work and play in a town unlike any other. From Avenue A to Zoo Z, there's always something to spot and see in Letter Town. Each bus stop reveals a new part of town, while the bouncy rhyming narrative uncovers sneaky Detective D's mission to capture Robber R, who is causing mischief on every page. Also included is a reverse jacket alphabet poster for little ones to proudly display and exercise their own letter-seeking and writing abilities. Available here.

"Byron Barton's palette and figures meshed with Richard Scarry's activity-filled pages to draw the young eye."

– Booklist

“Bursting with eye-dazzling hues and humorous touches, Farrell’s playful spreads encourage multiple readings.”

– School Library Journal

"Bright berry and citrus tones and abundant sight gags are the story's main attractions. End-pages list the characters that readers will find throughout, adding to the seek-and-find excitement."

- Publishers Weekly


Thank You,

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Thank You, Octopus

Ahoy! It's bedtime, and Octopus is here to help his buddy get ready. First up is a bath (Thank you, Octopus) . . . in egg salad (No, thank you, Octopus)! Then it’s time to brush teeth… with paint brushes! And don't worry, Octopus made sure there were no monsters under the bed… because they’re all in the closet! No, thank you, Octopus! Each page turn brings new wordplay and laughs in this hip, nautical-themed take on bedtime and friendship… ending with a great big surprise for Octopus and sweet dreams for two best friends. Available here.

" [a] modern-day toddler classic."

— NPR Best Books of 2014

"Farrell has a sophisticated urban style that should appeal to any children who wish they had as silly a sitter."

- New York Times

"A maritime—and bedtime—delight."

– Kirkus Starred Review


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Doug-Dennis and the Flyaway Fib

When best friends Doug-Dennis and Ben-Bobby go to the circus, something terrible happens. Doug- Dennis eats all of his friend's popcorn, and then tells a fib (It wasn?t me!), which grows and grows (Maybe monsters ate it!), carrying Doug-Dennis away. As the lie gets bigger, Doug-Dennis flies higher, until he's floating in a land of lies - some of them big, some small, and some just downright weird. Doug-Dennis misses his best friend, and realizes there's only one way to come back down: by finally telling the truth. Available here.

"a moral tale with some serious wattage."

- Publisher's Weekly

"a story of hilarious and exaggerated lengths."

- Publisher's Weekly

"winner of the 2011 Marion Vannett Ridgway Honor Award."

- Marion Vannett Ridgway Committee


Me, Moon

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Stop Following Me, Moon!

Bear is hungry. So hungry that when he spies a squirrel's berry snack, he can't help taking the whole berry bush. Then, when he wanders past a busy beehive, Bear knows he's hit the jackpot. But someone is on to him—the moon! Or so Bear thinks. Before he knows it, Bear is on the run with his stolen snacks, causing a whole lot of trouble for the other animals in the forest.  Available here.

"a wittily drawn moonlit feast."

- New York Times

"warm, modern illustrations, absurd chase scenes and mischievous characters,
guarantee rowdy fun every time you turn the pages."

- Boston Globe

"Great fun from start to finish."

- Chicago Tribune


Darren Farrell

… is a picture book author and illustrator from North Carolina who lives and works in Seoul, South Korea. Send him a hello at!